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Rc Skin Labs Pro

Thermo Tech

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Manufactured and made in Colombia!

Thermo By RC

The Sauna Heat and Vibrate Belt adopts heating and vibration massage technology to effectively reduces fat, promote blood circulation, relieve stress, and prevents muscle relaxation.

Achieves an even more body slimming effect with a full stomach, thighs, and arms set.


1.The device is connected and is left open for about 5 to 7 minutes.

2. After pre-heating , put in the user for 30 or 40 minutes.

3.Remove from the user, disconnect and leave the fajon OPEN until is cool.


1. Adopts heating and vibration technology, achieve body slimming effect.
2. Effectively reduce fat, promote blood circulation, relieve stress, and help muscle relaxation.
4. Helps relieve fatigue and soreness.
5. Improve the vitality of skin cells, promote blood flow burn calories.

 Minimum Temp: 95°F

Maximum Temp: 111°F

Voltage: 110V AC