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Rc Skin Labs Pro

Slimming Kit (18oz)

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Manufactured and made in the USA!

1. Cold Gel 6oz

1. Hot Gel 6oz
1. Redumas Slimming Gel 6oz

Redumas Slimming Cream

Infused with ISO-SlimComplex and Mango butter helps reduce the appearance of cellulite while firming and hydrating your skin.

Reaffirming Cold Gel

Reaffirming Cold Gel helps burn fat accumulation. The gel creates a cooling process that reduces fat accumulation, improves circulation, and generates lymphatic drainage.

Sauna Hot Gel

Apply our sauna hot gel with gentle circular movements on the areas that require the elimination of body fat. Wrap the area with plastic and leave the product on for 40 minutes, during which you can perform appropriate physical exercise.  Remove with warm water.