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+Plendor S

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Is a product of PlusPlendor line based on medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid, specially design for the face. However, it can be used in any skin segment of the body. It is a powerful hydrating and nutrient, thanks not only to the hyaluronic acid but the trace elements, the vitamins, the amino acids, and the essential fatty amino acids that Rejuvenex Complex has. It is a molecule protected with mannitol and sorbitol.  It is presented in 10 millimeters vials. It is only one box for each vial, and only one vial is enough amount to be used in two or three sessions of Transdermal therapy treatment. The Transdermal Therapy most recommended with +Plendor S, are the sonophoresis using ultrasound equipment from 3 to 7 megahertz, the Electrophoresis using continuous currents or galvanic currents with negative polarity in low or moderate intensity. It can be used with low penetration micro needles, in order to avoid micro bleedings. Also, you can use it applying it all over the skin after the radiofrequency application, due to this is a facilitator to penetrate better the product. It is a very recommended product to be used in any anti-aging, and cutaneous hydration and nutrition treatments.