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Rc Skin Labs Pro

Osmotic Plastic Body Wrap

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Osmotic Plastic Body Wrap Cellulite Waist Burning
Helps to discretely enhance the cosmetic effect of reducing and firming treatments with its sauna-like properties. Helps to elevate body temp in your midriff in order to release toxins and help to sweat away inches off your waist and tummy.
Ab stimulator slimming wrap has no odor, and will not drip making it the perfect addition to your workout routine with complete discretion under your workout wear. Waist trimmer wrap helps shed pounds fast while you workout without the mess!
Is designed to provide results as it detoxifies your cells through thermal action and compresses target bumpy areas in your core zone. Stomach wraps for weight loss achieve maximum results, especially when used to help you lose weight fast and efficiently so you see the desired results you want quickly.
Perfect for daily use at home, at work, or during physical activities to increase thermal action and help you removes toxins from your body when used as a sweat waist trimmer.
Wrap your way to a slimmer sexier you with our belly fat burner osmotic wrap!
Waist Trimmer
No Messy Drips
No Odors
Tear Resistant