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The new line of mesotherapy for professional use or topical use, micro-needling, and other devices. 

MESSOLIPO is a synergistic and balanced formulation for preventing and eliminating adiposity rebellious body shaping.


5 Vials x 10 ml.

ARMESSO AM specializes in manufacturing the highest quality mesotherapy products to achieve the best results.


Phosphatidylcholine helps the solubilization of fats by facilitating the emulsification of the fat in smaller particles, allowing its transport and dissolution. It induces an enzymatic reaction that leads to the dissolution of the fat that is transported to the liver and then metabolized by beta-oxidation.

Ampelopsine Decreases LIPOGENESIS, the biochemical reaction by which fatty acids are synthesized and bound with glycerol to form triglycerides or reserve fats.

Caffeine: Promotes the lipolysis process by inhibiting the action of phosphodiesterase, increasing the mobilization and metabolization of free fatty acids.

Organic Silica: Presents a lipolytic action at the subcutaneous adipose tissue by direct stimulation on cAMP, increasing its concentration. Silicon is also a constituent of connective tissue macromolecules, such as collagen, elastin, proteoglycans, and structure glycoproteins.

Trace elements: Copper: Accelerates the synthesis of keratin and is involved in muscle metabolism. Magnesium: Preserves the tonicity of the skin. Zinc: Accelerates healing and participates in the formation of collagen and elastin. In conjunction with Organic Silica act to prevent sagging.


The specialized formulation for prevention and elimination of rebellious adiposities and body shaping.

Decreases the absorption process of triglycerides or reserve fats.

It decreases the maturation of the pre-adipocyte and the formation of new adipose cells.

Emulsifier metabolizes transports and removes fat at a faster rate.

It provides the necessary nutrients for healthy skin and prevents sagging.


A progressive therapeutic approach is recommended. Generally, an average of one session a week for 8 sessions should suffice. However, each patient is different, and results should be monitored over time to modify treatment.

Apply on the skin of the area to be treated. For use with the appliance, apply the amount needed to slide the electrodes evenly on the skin.

It can be used with traditional mesotherapy methods to yield excellent results without harming health. 

Products may also be applied by Virtual or Transdermic mesotherapy through techniques such as Electroporation (magnetic waves), Iontophoresis, Cavitation, Ionization (ultrasounds), Sonophoresis, and Derma Roller or Dermapen.