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Rc Skin Labs Pro

Korean Jelly Masks

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Made In Korea
Collagen: Ideal para piel seca. Efecto anti-aging
Collagen: Ideal for dry skin. Anti-aging effect
Brightening: Deja tu Piel Luminosa y con vitalidad. Piel Normal.
Brightening: Leave your skin luminous and vital. Normal Skin.
Soothing: Piel Sensible - Relajante, Calmante, Cuidado quemaduras.
Soothing: Sensitive Skin- Relaxing, Soothing & Sunburn care
Vitamina C: Piel Normal - Aclara manchas oscuras. Efecto aclarante
Vitamin C: Normal skin- Lightens dark spots. Lightening effect
Net: Contents : 1000g/35oz
Areas You Can Use Masks
Buttocks: Masks hydrate and improve the quality of the skin of the buttocks, improve microcirculation and tone the skin.
Face: Masks improve the Skin's PH, improving the appearance of pores, deeply hydrating the layers of the epidermis, softening and improving its elasticity.
Neck and Chest: Masks hydrate, repair and restore the skin, also improving the nutrition and softness of the tissues. It has anti-aging and firming effects.
Breasts: Masks provide excellent hydration and nutrition of the skin with antioxidant effects, since their components are rich in hyaluronic acid, along with others, they provide anti-aging, firming, and brightening benefits to the skin.

How To Use
90 powder to 75 water Scoop
25-30 portions
Step 1: Pour water and powder into a mixing bowl as directed.
Step 2: Mix evenly with a spatula until obtaining a jelly-like consistency. Approx 20-30 seconds.
Step 3: Apply on sufficiently hydrated skin, using a spatula/ brush. Apply, top to bottom of face (neck area if needed) leaving nostril area open.
Step 4: For best desired effect leave for 15-20 minutes.
Step 5: Gently remove the mask from bottom to the top of the face.