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Facial Wood Set (Boy Tears Blue) (7pc)

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Facial Wood Set (Boy Tears Blue) (7pc)

Wood Therapy is an effective and efficient way of contouring the body without harming the skin or tissue. Each instrument has a specific use for certain areas of the body. The service helps with double chin and Activates the lymphatic system, helping drain the accumulation of facial fat.

The 100% natural way to contour the face! Facial Wood Therapy helps remove the double chin, reduces wrinkles, and tones the skin. The secret is in the specially-designed wooden elements that stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, improve blood circulation, removes unwanted fat, and therefore firms and tones the skin and contour the face and neck. The final result is a rejuvenated and firmer skin.

FREE massage oil with every wood purchase*

Facial Wood Set (Boy Tears Blue) (7pc)

Made of natural wood from Colombia

1: 100% Natural, Non-Invasive

2: Free of Contraindications

3: Activates Lymphatic Drainage

4: Eliminates Toxins

5: Speeds up Metabolism

Cleaning Directions:

Cleaned easily with alcohol


*oil scents vary between purchases*