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Face and Body Serm Dermclar Vita C

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Vitamin C 20% antioxidant enhances skin tone and helps repair photo-damaged skin.

Vitamin C prevents premature photo-aging, works against free radicals, improves stretch marks, improves skin tone, and hydrates the skin.


5 Vials x 10ml


Vitamin C 20%


Sagging skin on the face and body.


Vitamin C 20% is recommended to be used topically with microneedles or nanoneedles, after chemical peels, with electroporation, iontophoresis (galvanic current), and ultrasound penetration. 

The product can be applied weekly for 4 * 6 consecutive sessions. Use 5ml of Vitamin C depending on how much photodamage is present and the size of the treated area.


Simple Trans-Dermotherapy: Simple topical application, topical application with massage, topical application post peeling, application with post-peeling massage, etc. ...

Virtual Mesotherapy or Instrumented Transdermotherapy: 

Ultrasound, radiofrequency, electroporation, cavitation, etc...

Mechanical instrumentation: Dermaroller, dermapen, etc... 

The treatment will depend on the needs of the patient and the results obtained.

Our recommendation is:

Minimum number of sessions: between 5 and 12

The time between sessions: 7 * 15 days.

Maintenance sessions: 1 monthly and/or according to professional criteria based on results