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Hair Serum Dermclar Hair

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Is a high quality nutrients aqueous solution that help with the hair growing, the shining, and the cylinder hair strength. In order to improve the microvascular scalp, we can mix this product with Rutiderm, and to improve the nutritional contribution you can use too our buster: Nutrivit. Our Dermhair which comes in vials, 10 ml each in a tray with 5 vials in total, it can be used in those aesthetic treatments that are looking for getting better the quality, the quantity, and the strong growing of the fiber or follicle hair. It is very useful when people are losing their hair, to strengthen the hair they still have and to avoid more hair loss. This product can be used with any Transdermal therapy strategy. However, it is important always you apply the product the scalp be clean and dry. In many situations I have had questions about the mironeedles. There exist many articles arguing about the microneedles use in people with hair loss problems. In that case we leave it to the professional discretion.