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Rc Skin Labs Pro

Body Serum Dermclar Firm

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Is an excellent product for helping to reaffirm the skin in the whole body. In the mouth’s floor, in the in front part of the neck, in the back-face of the arms, in the abdomen skin, buttocks’ skin, and the thigh’s skin. It works very well using it in any Trandermal Therapy Strategy which are used in aesthetic and cosmetic. It goes wonderful in the double chin with negative galvanic currents. However, in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms it must go with positive galvanic currents. It works good with the electroporator too, and with ultrasound equipment from 1 to 3 Megaherz. Also, you can use it with moderate penetration microneedles in high speeds, especially in the arm’s and thigh’s backface. In those areas it helps a lot to improve the reaffirming aesthetic treatments results. This product is presented in vials, 10 ml each, and one vial is enough amount for two or three sessions of treatment depending on how extended is the area where we are going to apply the product.