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Body Serum Dermclar Celu

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Is a magnificent cosmetic designed to help in the cellulitis treatments for those who have big body volumes. It is a product that cause an important impact on the skin, helping it to recover the smoothness and firmness it should have in order to avoid the cellulitis. The product is an aqueous solution that It is presented in 10 millimeters vials in a box which has five vials. One vial is enough amount to be used in two or three sessions of treatment according to the size of the area. It works perfectly to diminish the cellulitis in the thighs and the buttocks as part of the cosmetic treatment. Also it goes very well as helper in the cellulitis cosmetic treatment for the arm’s back face. It can be used in every Transdermal Therapy Strategy, and you can apply it over the skin during the massage sessions or wood therapy that are made to treat this aesthetic imperfection in the cosmetician booths. In addition to the utopian application, we can use any Transdermal Therapy Strategy, such as the electroporation, the positive galvanic currents with medium or high speed, the ultrasound waves from 1 to 3 megahertz, and the microneedles. In the firsts phases of the cellulitis treatments, you must use the microneedles with low speed, and in the final sessions of the treatment, you can use the microneedles with high speed.