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Age Factor

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With its innovative ingredients, Growth Factors obtained through Biotechnology, it promotes the generation of new cells in the epidermis and acts on all levels of the extracellular matrix. Indicated for rejuvenation treatments, cell regeneration, stretch marks and scars.
EGF (Oligopeptide – 1) promotes the production of keratin and fibroblasts, reduces and prevents the formation of expression lines, additionally increases skin tone, recovering the youthful appearance of the skin, reducing facial scars.
TGF – beta 3, helps the proliferation, growth and differentiation of fibroblasts. TGF-beta 3 promotes the formation and repair of the extracellular matrix and induces the formation of new cells in the dermis, thus helping wound healing. It contributes to the reduction of wrinkles and stretch marks by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
Caffeine: with a minimum concentration they enhance the properties of growth factors (EGF, VEFG).