Rc Skin Labs Pro

Rc Skin Labs Pro

RC Suppliers Inc was founded in 2009 by Rita Castañeda, and it is the property and operated by her family. With over 30 years of experience, our passion and knowledge keep growing in this skincare, weight loss, and beauty industry company. We develop, manufacture, and produce our utensils, cosmetics, and skincare products line for all the enterprising and professionals of the esthetic industry. 

We also offer affordable education for all the esthetic and weight-loss industry communities with a great variety of classes. We offer all those who have always wanted to learn about the correct use of our products and services the opportunity to become professionals in this industry. 

Our philosophy is to provide the best quality in our products, education, and customer service. For so, to be witnesses and know the joy of the successful growth of all our clients and students. Because all their personal and professional progress is ours too. We continue giving the practice in our industry to expand our clients’ and students’ results in their own professional lives.

With the resilient support of our family, who are deeply engaged with the production and management of RC Suppliers Inc, we will continue our strong impact in the skincare, beauty, and weight-loss industry.  


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